As great Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse Into the Window Tint Service Process

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Do you know the reason behind every step of your window film installation? Once you’ve decided to install film at your home or office (and chosen a reliable window tint service provider!), you might expect them to arrive, apply your films, and leave. However, a proper installation requires much more care and attention to detail.

If you know what to expect, you can ensure your installation progresses according to best practices. Here’s a quick look at how we achieve our outstanding results.

#1 Precise Preparation

True professionals take accuracy and precision seriously. Before the installation begins, proper preparation is vital. 

The first step is a careful window cleaning. This isn’t your everyday wipe-down – we want to remove even the tiniest specks of dirt. We might use a razor blade to carefully remove any stubborn grime or debris that could get trapped under the film and cause bubbles. This is followed by a special cleaning solution to ensure the surface is spotless.

#2 Accurate Application

To ensure perfect positioning, a slip solution is applied to the freshly cleaned window and the back of the film. This allows the film to be adjusted for a perfect fit once it is placed, before it adheres permanently. The solution is usually quite soapy, allowing the film to slide across the window as needed. 

Working with steady hands and a guiding eye, the installation team carefully positions the film onto the wet window, usually starting at the top and working down. It’s important to be gentle with films to prevent them from creasing or sticking to themselves. If multiple pieces of film are being applied across a big window, the Window Film Installers team will take the time to ensure there’s no gapping or overlapping.

#3 Squeegee Magic & Final Touches

Once the film is in place, a squeegee becomes the hero. This special tool with a wide rubber edge pushes out the soapy solution and removes any remaining air bubbles for a smooth, flawless finish. This careful process also ensures that the film adheres completely to the glass. 

Once the film is secured, any excess is meticulously trimmed from the edges using a sharp utility knife. Any leftover solution or residue is cleaned off the frame and surrounding area, leaving your windows sparkling and protected.

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