Commercial Window Film

When it comes to commercial window film in Brooklyn, you can’t do better than the team at Window Film Installers. We can help provide your business with everything you need for your office space. Whether your goal is to protect your investment, increase comfort in the building, improve privacy, or upgrade your office’s aesthetics, we have plenty of solutions.
Enhance Your Space
Our professional NY team offers premier results! Window Film Installers is your source for commercial window film installation services. Our team understands the unique challenges of navigating property improvements during business hours, and we’ll be happy to discuss your building needs and generate a personalized plan.

High-quality window films can enhance the longevity and performance of your commercial glass. Get in touch with our professionals to find the right film to meet your current needs and future potential.
Protect Your Investment

Quality window films can do much to protect your glass from wear and tear. Window Film Installers offers protective films to address a variety of property needs:

  • Protecting your glass
  • Keep sensitive equipment and valuable furnishings safe from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Prevent key scratches, acid stains, and more with the right film

Ensure that your investment is fully protected. From decreasing overall wear and tear to providing protection from UV rays, no matter your goals, our team can help.

Keep Your Employees Comfortable

There’s no doubt about it — no matter where you are in the world, having real sunlight in an office space can boost morale and keep things running smoothly. Of course, with sunlight comes heat, but the warmer it is, the more uncomfortable employees can become. With window films, you have better control of your environment and can enjoy all of the benefits of the sun and none of the downsides.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Looking for a great way to lower energy costs? Our commercial film is the perfect way to keep energy from escaping your building. Letting less heat in during the summer and less heat out during the winter is the key to energy efficiency. Of course, when you work with the pros at Window Film Installers, we’ll take the time to listen to your needs to ensure that you get the perfect solution for your specific situation.

Improve Overall Privacy

Add frosted glass films and more to improve the privacy of your warehouse, office space, and other areas. Our solutions provide seclusion where it is needed while promoting an open, spacious plan.

Sometimes working in an environment with a lot of windows can make you feel like a fish in a bowl. In other words, if you’d like to keep your space as private as possible, our commercial window film company makes it easy! With the right film, you don’t have to worry about people seeing into your space.

Upgrade Office Aesthetics

Decorative films can brighten up the office and refresh your interior design. Feel free to contact our commercial window film installation team to go through our inventory of appealing options or explore a custom design.

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For a quick and accurate online estimate, send pictures of your windows to [email protected]. Please include your building’s exact address in your email so we can check what type of windows you have via Google Street View, which helps us provide a more accurate quote.

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