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Why You Need Window Film in NYC
Tinted windows aren’t just an aesthetic choice. A professional window film installation offers a range of benefits. Whether residential or commercial, we offer options to suit every space. Our curated selection of top-quality premium Solar Gard and Huper Optik films puts the protection of your windows and buildings in trusted hands.
The various types available allow you to choose the best option for your needs. Whether you seek enhanced safety or a bird deterrent, there’s a film for you. High-rise, family home, or even university campus, you’ll get the best out of your films with the help of an experienced team, ensuring a quick and easy installation and a long-lasting, seamless finish.
What is Window Film?
Window film is an all-but-invisible barrier protecting your home or business. It’s made of very thin laminate polyester, which is applied directly to the surface of your windows. Unlike blinds or screens, it’s completely flush with the glass, making it a less visually disruptive choice. You can control what, if any, decorative or branding touches you wish to include. There are many reasons to opt for these solutions: sun control, energy savings, graffiti prevention – and, yes, aesthetic appeal.
Reduce Energy Bills
Believe it or not, window films can greatly impact your energy efficiency. The tinting reduces the amount of sunlight and solar energy entering your home or business. This means that you waste less electricity cooling your space in summer. The tint can also help contain heat loss from the inside out, making your winter more cozy and cost-effective. It can also block UV rays, which also helps turn the heat down naturally. Without direct sunlight beating down on them, your family or employees will need less air conditioning or heating to maintain a comfortable environment.
Increase Your Safety and Privacy
The safety of your family or employees is paramount. Tinting offers superior privacy, preventing anyone walking past your home or business from looking in without impeding the view from the inside. Combined with a security film, your windows will be strengthened, making it more difficult to break should an intruder attempt to enter the property. If the glass is smashed, the film also holds the pieces together. We also offer anti-graffiti solutions, protecting your property from vandalism.
Added Visual Appeal
Adding window films to your home or business allows you to add decorative elements. This can be as simple as a sophisticated design detail or as complex as a company logo. Choose from our selection of decorative films or work with us to create a custom film – you’re sure to find the perfect match to add some visual interest and improve your property aesthetics. These films also provide many of the benefits of our other film ranges.
Window Film Services
We offer the following installation services in NYC and the tristate area:
Multiple Benefits
Many of our clients are surprised to learn just how beneficial professional window tints can be for their building, whether residential or commercial. Investing in window film provides a wide array of benefits for your property.
  • Improve aesthetic value

  • Strengthen window integrity

  • Defend from glare and UV rays

  • Increase interior comfort

  • Reduce energy bills

  • Protect from damage
The Window Films Brooklyn Trusts
If you’re in need of window films for your home or business, rely on Window Film Installers in Brooklyn. We have the expertise, tools, and skills necessary to provide you with top-quality window films and installation services. To learn more about our various window film options or to get a quote, reach out to our team at Window Film Installers in Brooklyn today! We’ll provide you with a quick, accurate quote online.
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