Glass Distraction Markers

Glass distraction markers are pieces of decorative film applied to make transparent windows, doors, or walls easier to see. This helps to avoid collisions.

Avoid Safety Hazards With Distraction Markers

Glass walls can bring an elegant look to any office or workspace. Sadly, their inherent transparency poses safety risks. Those who may not know the space may find themselves walking into a clear wall or door, which may be embarrassing and painful. We offer distraction markers to help your business avoid safety issues and liability. Contact us today for more information!

What Are Glass Distraction Markers?

Distraction markers are horizontal pieces of decorative window film applied to vertical glass surfaces. They signal the presence of a transparent window, door, or wall, helping to avoid a collision. The standard marker design is a four-foot strip of frosted film applied with equal amounts of clear glass above and below. That said, there are numerous designs to choose from and additional benefits.

Increased Privacy

Adding these decorative films to your clear doors, walls, and windows can increase privacy. Frosting partially blocks the room from view without sacrificing natural light, making it feel less exposed. There are various opacity levels to choose from, so you can pick the privacy level required.

Looks Great

Distraction markers are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your space. Choose between patterns, stripes, textures, and colors to find the perfect match for your business – or select a unique custom design. The finish used also perfectly mimics the appearance of etched or sandblasted glass, all at a fraction of the price.


Glass distraction markers are a cost-effective way to add all these benefits to your workspace. With a relatively small investment, you can increase the safety, privacy, and appearance of your workspace. The next best option is etched or sandblasted glass or alternative materials, which have expensive labor and material costs.

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