Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Protect Your Home or Business

Our anti-graffiti window film is your key to peace of mind. Protect your property against paint, acid etching, key scratches, and more. Not only does it deter vandals, but it also saves you time and money. With just one application, you can take control, safeguarding residential windows, storefronts, mirrors, elevators, escalators, and more for many years. In the unlikely event it needs to be replaced, the protective film peels away easily to reveal a clean, clear surface.

Graffiti Protection: An Essential for New York Properties

In New York City alone, graffiti and vandalism cause millions of dollars in damage every year, which usually falls on property owners. It has an impact on the whole area, influencing the perception of crime in the vicinity and bringing down property values. This is why all responsible owners take steps to protect their investment. In years gone by, these could be as unsightly as the vandalism they were meant to prevent.

Now, you can get the protection without compromising the aesthetics of your building. Applied to the interior of the windows, the film interferes with the reflection, making it more difficult for taggers to strike. Our security film also creates a barrier between the glass and would-be vandals, protecting the glass from physical damage.

Enhance Your Property With a Protective Window Film
Protection from vandalism is just one of the benefits of quality window films. Whether your building is residential or commercial, Window Film Installers is here to protect it against the unexpected.
  • Reduce the damage from graffiti

  • Protect your glass and exterior appearance

  • Improve property aesthetics

  • Defend from scratches and scrapes

  • Simplify the cleanup process

  • Block damaging UV rays

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Simple-Yet-Effective Solutions

When protecting your buildings from graffiti and vandalism, there’s no need to search far and wide: anti-graffiti window film is the way to go. Give your storefronts, office buildings, and any other buildings susceptible to graffiti damage the best invisible defense – no matter the size of your windows. Nobody wants their property to be defaced, not to mention the cost of cleanup or extra security. Save yourself the headache and shield your property the smart way with our top-quality window films.

Get the Best Anti Graffiti Window Film: Solar Gard Graffitigard™

We are proud to use Solar Gard Graffitigard products to protect your investment. This smooth anti-graffiti window film is virtually undetectable yet provides superior protection against scratching and etching. Easy to install and replace, it’s a simple way to reduce your financial liability and interruptions in operations.

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