Choosing The Right Window Tint: A Guide For Smart Homeowners

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When you’re thinking about adding window tint to your house, the sheer number of choices can feel a bit overwhelming. Selecting the right window film is crucial since each type offers its own unique advantages. Before you go ahead with your installation, it’s essential to think about what you want to achieve. There are a few reasons to choose home window tinting – the most common are safety and security, privacy, and sun control. We’ve compiled a guide to help you select the perfect window film or tint to protect your home.

Window Film for Safety

Window tinting is a fantastic choice to improve the security of your home. In the event that the glass breaks – or is deliberately broken – the film keeps the pieces in place, barring access and preventing a dangerous mess. Made of either adhesive-backed polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) or plastic film mixed with powerful adhesives, it is typically much more durable and thicker than other films. 

Your family will be protected from attempted break-ins, earthquakes, and even bad weather. Even though they are applied in the same manner as ordinary films, they provide a number of additional safety features. While it can add a layer of privacy, safety window film tint doesn’t negatively affect your windows’ appearance. It has all the advantages of other types of window tinting – including solar heat blocking, glare reduction, and UV protection – and looks fantastic.

Tinting for Privacy

One of the main reasons people invest in tinted window films is for privacy. It’s wonderful to have big windows to let in the light, but it’s not so wonderful when every passerby can look straight into your home or office. Privacy film allows you to block prying eyes while still enjoying your windows to the fullest.

Daytime privacy film creates a one-way mirror effect during the day. The metallic coating incorporated into the film creates a reflective effect for anyone outside without impeding anyone on the inside. While this is very visually subtle, it should be noted that it only works when the light outside is stronger than the light inside. So, at night, when the light inside is much brighter, you still need to close your blinds or curtains.

If that doesn’t appeal, there’s another privacy alternative: frosted films. This translucent tint refracts the light moving through the glass, making it nearly impossible to see through it – day or night. You can get various levels of opacity, depending on your needs, while still letting the sunlight in. Many people use frosted films on bathroom windows, but they can be a worthwhile installation on any window that faces a common thoroughfare.

Sun Control Window Tinting

Although sunlight is both pleasant and necessary for life, it can also lead to a number of issues for homeowners. The beautiful, uncontrolled sunshine pouring through your windows may be raising your energy bills. 

Heat gain – a temperature increase caused by the sun’s rays – can cause your cooling systems to work harder to keep your space comfortable. In addition, wood floors, rugs, furniture, artwork, and other sensitive surfaces often fade when exposed to sunlight. Direct sunlight can also cause screen glare and eye strain, while UV radiation has been linked to skin cancer. 

This is where your window film comes in. Reducing the UV radiation entering your space can reduce fading and sun damage by up to 99.9%. It also lowers the amount of solar energy entering your home, dramatically reducing the excess heat. Sun control window tinting enables you to enjoy the lovely natural light while avoiding the downsides.

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