Get To Know The Window Film Installers Team!

Top Rated Local® in New York
Get To Know The Window Film Installers Team!

If you are looking for home window tinting in New York, it’s time that you got to know the Window Film Installers Team. We are your Top Rated Local® film installers offering both solar, privacy, and decorative tinting. In addition to our unbeatable tinting services, we also provide excellent customer service. Stick around and learn more about us.

We Are the Whole Package

When it comes to being the best window installers in New York it is a title earned through not just offering the best prices or customer service, but the complete package — comprehensive services, plus great customer experience, plus affordable prices. When you call The Window Film Installers Team, you can have confidence during the whole process that you are getting the best:

  • Fully-insured

  • Five-star rating

  • Over 10 years of experience

  • Professionally trained and qualified staff

We Provide High Quality Work

Our home window tinting team takes great pride in the quality of work they offer to each and every client. For you to get the most out of your tinted windows, it needs to be done correctly and with top-quality materials. To ensure your tinting lasts for years to come and to avoid unneeded maintenance, choose our window tinting install team.

We Believe In The Services We Offer

Window tinting is an excellent investment that can not only allow you to enjoy a greater sense of privacy and decoration, but you can also benefit from energy savings and a more comfortable home. We truly believe in the effectiveness and longevity of the products that we offer and would love to discuss the benefits of this investment with you — simply put, if you have questions, we have answers!

We Offer a limited Lifetime Warranty

With every installation we do, we provide a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, allowing you to invest in our service with peace of mind. The window film we use is made from durable materials that have been tested and is being currently used all over New York. If you find a defect or you are unsatisfied with our work, call us immediately so we can help you have a more-than-satisfactory end result.

If you are ready to invest in home window tinting or simply want to have more information, contact Window Film Installers today! We would love to serve you and can’t wait for you to experience the many benefits of tinting that can add to your quality of life and save you money.